Internet Explorer Google Maps Satellite Bug

In January 2011, Google Maps introduced a 45-degree satellite view in certain areas such as Oakland.  The normal satellite view automatically switches to a 45-degree view at high magnifications, which the user can select by pressing the [+] zoom button.

Unfortunately, if the map contains any custom lines or shapes, such as those we've used to depict the Bay Trail or park boundaries, the 45-degree satellite view causes Internet Explorer to display these lines improperly and crash.  This problem does not occur with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

This problem has been reported to Google and verified, but until they provide a fix, if you are using Internet Explorer, Do not zoom in [+].  You can safely zoom out [-] and scroll around. 

You can also switch to [Map] view, [Ter] view, or [Earth] view and safely use any zoom level you like.