Livingston Street Pier and Embarcadero Cove

The Livingston Street Pier is a property of the Port of Oakland that is leased through 2011 to Vortex Marine Construction, a full service marine contractor specializing in marine and heavy civil construction that owns and operates one of the largest fleets of floating construction equipment in the Western United States. As a long-term option, pending the relocation of Vortex Marine Construction or expiration of itslease, the pier could be opened for public use and the existing building could potentially be used for recreational/retail uses that relate to the proposed skateboard park on the adjacent site. In the meantime, a short section of trail is being designed to run across the sidewalk area to connect the existing trail on either side.

The Embarcadero Cove development includes sections of the waterside Bay Trail, but they are disjointed and hard to follow. With the cooperation of the Port and its tenants, the City proposes to use Measure DD funds to upgrade and connect the trail, especially at interrupted segments at the Harbormasterís Office and the British Marine parcel.

Page 25, Existing Conditions Report, Central Estuary Plan, City of Oakland