Oakland Measure DD Bond Public Access Waterfront Projects

Measure DD LogoIn November 2002, over 80% of Oakland voters passed Measure DD, a $198.25 million bond measure focused on waterfront improvements at Lake Merritt and the Estuary.  Funded projects include parks, trails, bridges, a recreation center, historic building renovations, land acquisition, and creek restoration.  Though these projects are being phased in over a number of years, some are already complete and many others are in progress. From the five major categories of Measure DD projects, for this map we have
selected projects focused on public access to the shoreline:

Completed Projects:
Pergola Restoration at Lake Merritt
Union Point Park
Cryer Site Extension of Union Point Park
Bay Trail Segment: Alameda Avenue
Bay Trail Segment: Fruitvale - High St. gap closure
66th Avenue Gateway
East 18th St. Pier Restoration
Lake Merritt Municipal Boathouse Restoration
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase1)
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase2)
Derby / Lancaster Pocket Parks
Lake Merritt Trail Improvements
Lake Merritt Retaining Wall Restoration & Repair
12th St. Reconstruction & Park
Lakeside Green Streets

Projects under construction:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 10th St.

Projects awaiting permits, funding supplements, negotiations, etc:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 7th St.
Estuary Bay Trail Connections  
Estuary Park
Crowley Site at Brooklyn Basin
Bay Trail Around 3 Bridges to Alameda

These selected Measure DD projects are shown on the map
as blue dots:

For a full picture of all Measure DD projects, including those not directly on the waterfront, please visit:

Waterfront Action's Oakland Measure DD Progress Map 
the City of Oakland Measure DD Projects Page

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