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Embarcadero Area Shoreline

There are many superb opportunities for public waterfront access hidden along the Embarcadero in a strip stretching from the 9th Avenue Terminal to Embarcadero Cove. Here, a series of intermittent shoreline paths links pocket parks, piers, marinas, restaurants and various businesses. The paths, which are part of the Bay Trail, offer views of the estuary, marinas, and Coast Guard Island. There are occasional interruptions in the shoreline path, but the route continues along the Embarcadero in these areas.

Public Shore signMost points of waterfront access along the roadway are identified by Public Shore signs mandated by BCDC during approvals for the waterfront development in this strip.  Designated public shore parking spaces are available in several commercial parking lots along the shore, and these are identified by similar signs.

Oyster Reef / Homewood Suites Area

  • Location: 1103 Embarcadero (map)

  • Parking: Use designated public shore parking spaces within the Homewood suites and Oyster Reef parking lots; street parking is also available.
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Bay Trail photoA section of the Bay Trail begins at Oyster Reef restaurant and extends along the shoreline in front of Homewood Suites.  Benches are frequent and well-maintained, and picnic tables are available.  The walkway picnic tables photooffers fine views of Coast Guard Island and the boat slips that dot the shoreline.  The trail continues past the Olympic Boat Center and the Sea Ray Yacht Center, ending at the undeveloped space planned for retail and offices.

Executive Inn Area

  • Location: 1755 Embarcadero (map)

  • Parking: Use designated public shore parking spaces within the Executive Inn parking lot; street parking is also available.

photo of Brooklyn Basin signAt the north end of this complex, right by the roadside, is a marker describing the history of Brooklyn Basin, Coast Guard Island, rail transportation, and the area's development.
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pocket park photo 2pocket park photoAt the road's edge near the sign is a pocket park that includes benches and steps leading to the water.  From the park, a path leads to a public pier and a walkway that extends the Bay Trail along the shore in front of the Inn, continuing to the Motel 6 shoreline.
shoreline photopier photo

Motel 6 Area

  • Location: 1801 Embarcadero (map)

  • Parking: No designated public shore parking is available in the Motel 6 lot, but street parking is plentiful.

photo of pier sign The San Antonio Fishing Pier is located at the north end of Motel 6. Here, the trail continues south past the motel and returns to the roadside near the Embarcadero Cove Marina Central Basin.

Embarcadero Cove / Quinn's Lighthouse Area

  • Location: 51 Embarcadero Cove (map)

  • Parking: Street parking only

photo of Early Harbor sign
Historic signage describing the Old Harbor and Pipe City can be found at the road's edge, just north of the Embarcadero Cove and opposite the offices at 1900 Embarcadero.
View historical marker>

Qinn's Lighthouse photoJust beyond the sign is Embarcadero Cove, a picturesque collection of restored buildings, gardens, and paths.  Quinn's Lighthouse restaurant, part of this complex, was constructed in 1902 as a working lighthouse marking the Southern Pacific Ferry Terminal at the mouth of the channel separating Oakland and Alameda. In 1966, it was replaced by automated lighthouse and was relocated to Embarcadero Cove to serve as L J Quinn's Lighthouse Pub. 

photo of Embarcadero Cove shorelineThe shoreline path continues in front of Embarcadero Cove and runs past the bridge to Coast Guard Island. Just south of the bridge is the dramatic Union Point Park and Union Point Marina.




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