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Alameda Point Status

November 18, 2014: The City Council approved a 6-month Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with Alameda Point Partners (APP), the preferred developer for a 68-acre mixed-use development site at Alameda Point (Site A). 
View Site A location.
Download the APP initial development concept. (Large file! 20MB)

July 15, 2014: The City of Alameda adopted the Waterfront Town Center Plan for Alameda Point after two year plan development process.  The plan calls for phased development and identifies open space, neighborhoods, adaptive reuse areas, and enterprise zone, and a waterfront town center.  The city plans incremental development beginning with Site A, a 68-acre mixed-use parcel. Download the plan. (Very large file! 50MB)

September 30, 2011: The Navy has agreed to turn over the former Alameda Naval Air Station property to the City of Alameda for free - a substantial reduction from the $108M sought in 2008!  The deal includes a few conditions that will shape future development opportunities.  First, the Navy will be responsible for environmental cleanup, and the property will change hands thereafter.  Second, the property is free so long as 2,011 or fewer housing units are developed; additional units above that limit will require payment to the Navy of $50k for each. 

March 2, 2011: Starting over with concept development, the City engaged the firm of Perkins + Will to work with the community in a visioning and land-use planning process for the Point.  View the scope of work and contract for this planning effort.

August 4, 2010:  SunCal filed suit against City of Alameda alleging breach of contract and other issues arising from the City's actions to end the developer's involvement at Alameda Point.

July 20, 2010: The SunCal-Alameda ENA expired. SunCal sought an extension, but the Alameda City Council acted to end ties with SunCal as master developer.

February 2, 2010:  Measure B failed by a wide margin, ending the future of the project proposed by SunCal.

July 18, 2007: Through a competitive process, the City selected SunCal as the new master developer and entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with SunCal.

September 2006: Alameda Point Community Partners abandoned its development project.

February 1, 2006: Alameda Point Community Partners presented a preliminary development concept.

2001: Alameda Point Community Partners, a combined effort that included Shea and Centex Homes, began work on plans for the Point.

1997:  Naval Air Station closed.


Alameda Point is a major mixed-use project based on redevelopment of the Alameda Naval Air Station. 

SunCal Companies was selected as the master developer for the project, which is set within a redevelopment zone administered
by the Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA).  The ARRA was established by a Joint Powers Agreement signed by the City and County of Alameda in 1994.  Members of the Alameda City Council sit and act as the ARRA.

The Plan

Suncal Companies presented the Alameda Point Draft Redevelopment Master Plan to the ARRA at a public information meeting on January 7, 2009.      

Key elements and design principles in the plan include: 

  • recognition of unique site constraints, including contamination, sea-level status and other geotechnical considerations, transportation limitations; historical preservation issues, and public trust requirements;

  • walkable neighborhoods with traffic-calming strategies;

  • a transportation focus;

  • water-oriented development;

  • open space;

  • historic preservation;

  • approximately 4,000 housing units, density arranged in a hierarchy, with overall density similar to that of existing Alameda;

  • diverse neighborhoods with affordable housing distributed throughout the project;

  • sustainable design.


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View Larger Map 

Special Considerations

Public Trust Constraints.  The site includes regions that are subject to the Public Trust and under the California Constitution can used only for select trust-approved purposes.  The developer's planning milestones suggest an intention to make non-approved use of some of these lands, which would only be possible if the trust restrictions are removed from these areas through a land exchange.  SB 2049, introduced in February 2000 by Senator Perata, provides for such an exchange.

Alameda Measure A.  As presented to the ARRA, the Draft Master Plan is inconsistent with the provisions of 1973 Alameda Charter Amendment, Measure A, which prohibits construction of housing other than single family or duplex homes.  SunCal declared an intention to address this issue by presenting Measure B to the voters of Alameda for approval in February 2, 2010. 

Measure B included the project's land use plan and would exempt the Alameda Point project lands from the provisions of Measure A.  The project was not expected to proceed unless it passed, since higher-density housing is part of the project design.  This was a high-profile matter that attracted intense reactions from concerned folks on all sides of the issue.  Alameda Magazine presented an overview in its July 2008 article: The Measure A Debate: A Considered Approach to Development.  The San Francisco Chronicle highlighted the issue on April 6, 2009: Alameda Point issue likely to head to ballot and followed on January 30, 2010 with Fighting fierce over Alameda Point development.

Outcome: On February 2, 2010, Measure B failed by a wide margin, ending the future of the project.  Suncal's exclusive negotiating agreement with the City of Alameda expires in July 2010.  The San Francisco Chronicle reported the outcome in its February 3, 2010 article: Voters rejecting Alameda development project.

Cost Neutrality.  The ARRA has adopted the position that the project will not introduce costs to the City of Alameda or its citizens.  The project is within a redevelopment zone, and the City plans to use redevelopment tax increment financing to provide its contribution to the project. At the January 7, 2009 meeting, ARRA staff indicated their plan to provide approximately $180 million in tax increment financing to be used for infrastructure development and affordable housing at the project.

Planning Status

Selected steps in the planning and approvals process are listed below:

Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) awarded to SunCal

Draft Development Concept Plan published

Community outreach and meetings (2007-2008)

Development Concept Plan presented to ARRA

Draft Redevelopment Master Plan presented to ARRA

Public initiative for Master Plan to Alameda voters Feb '10

CEQA process: (expected completion by 2010)


   EIR Scoping Session & report


   Public Draft EIR & public comment period


   Final EIR


Development Agreement adopted


Tidelands Trust Exchange Agreement executed


ENA period ends July 2009


Alameda Point in the News

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Fighting fierce over Alameda Point development  January 29, 2010,San Francisco Chronicle
Alameda Point issue likely to head to ballot  April 6, 2009,San Francisco Chronicle
The Measure A Debate: A Considered Approach to Development  July, 2008, Alameda Magazine
Alameda naval base redevelopment hits snags  April 14, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
Waterfront plan goes to City Council  June 19, 2007, Oakland Tribune
Developers all aglow at Alameda Point  January 14, 2007, Oakland Tribune
Council OKs homes, shops for navy base  December 7, 2006, Oakland Tribune
Alameda, developer will discuss project  April 10, 2006, Oakland Tribune



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