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Estuary Crossing Study

The city of Alameda Public Works Department has initiated the Estuary Crossing Feasibility Study, a study of alternatives for a new estuary crossing serving pedestrian, bicycle, and transit traffic.  The study is aimed at both near-term and long-term (10-15 years) goals.  Although the study itself has been fully funded, the actual implementation of the crossing is not yet funded.

The region of the estuary in which crossings are being considered is shown at right:  (click for large view)

Crossing alternatives under consideration include:

  • Water shuttles

  • Bridge

  • Aerial tram

  • Tunnel/tube

  • Transit improvements/additions

The study process included public outreach and considerable public input, with a series of community meetings in both Alameda and Oakland:

  • Project Opportunities and Constraints: April 10 & 12, 2008

  • Potential Project Alternatives: May 17 & 21, 2008

  • Final Preferred Alternatives: October 4 & 16, 2008


The "final preferred alternatives" proposed for the crossing are now available in this report.

The study project schedule calls for public review of the Draft Feasibility Report during Winter of 2008, with completion by January 2009.



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