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Central Estuary Specific Plan

Status and Announcements

  • The schedule and locations of Central Estuary Plan public meetings are listed on the Central Estuary Plan website meetings section.   

  • On July 20, 2010, the City Council adopted a preferred land use alternative described on this map .  An additional community workshop will be scheduled to describe how the adopted alternative differs from the recommendation of the public process.


The Central Estuary waterfront area of Oakland, also known as the "Central Waterfront", is the subject of a planning effort that will refine the policies presented in the Estuary Policy Plan and guide their implementation through zoning regulations.   The Central Estuary Specific Plan is being developed over an 18 to 24 month period by Community Design + Architecture,  an Oakland firm acting under contract from the City of Oakland.

What is a specific Plan, and how does it differ from a general plan?  Central Estuary area resident Chris Kidd has provided a very helpful overview in Planning on the Estuary, posted to the A Better Oakland blog. 


The Central Estuary extends from 19th Avenue at the north to 50th Ave. to the south and from I-880 at the east to the Bay at the west, as depicted in this map:

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Planning Status

The RFP for service to prepare the Central Estuary Specific Plan details the project deliverables.  Key elements are listed below:

RFP for planning service consultant contract

Consulting contract award

Plan website ( available here )

Community outreach and meetings

Draft Alternatives document

Public Review Draft of plan

Zoning and general plan amendment reports

EIR Notice of Preparation


EIR Scoping Session & report


Public Draft EIR


Final EIR


Public Process

Under the requirements established in the RFP, the consultant must design a process that includes substantial public involvement and participation among all stakeholders, including those who are traditionally underrepresented.  the RFP calls for large community workshops, smaller meetings with stakeholder groups, mailings, a project website, and other creative approaches to generate community input and participation.

The RFP calls for a series of community workshops, following this proposed schedule:

Workshop Topic


1. Visioning and goals

Mar 23, 2009

2. Confirm vision, focus on "healthy development"

Apr 22, 2009

3. Existing conditions / opportunities & constraints

June 18, 2009

4. Alternative concepts for the area

July 11, 2009 

5. Draft land use / Refined Alternatives

Oct 1, 2009

6. Selection of preferred alternative

Nov 14, 2009

7. Draft Specific Plan and guidelines


8. Revised Draft Specific Plan and guidelines


9. Public Review Draft EIR

May 2010

Workshop documents and work products are available on the Central Estuary Plan website meetings section.

More Information

The Central Estuary Plan website offers background, meeting notices, a document repository, and frequently asked questions.

The Estuary Policy Plan (EPP) provides the policy foundation for this specific plan process, but the online version of the EPP omits nearly the entire section on San Antonio / Fruitvale, including pages 103-117 and 119-124. Waterfront action has published these pages below:
Missing EPP Pages (3mb )

Planning Considerations

The planning project area has a number of properties that require special attention during the planning process:

  • Existing land use and zoning includes a broad mix of industrial, commercial, residential, and public designations.  These varying sectors may present competing ideas about best uses of the land.

  • The Bay Trail runs through the central waterfront, and the plan must include strategies for closing the existing gaps in the trail.

  • Oakland's Measure DD includes a number of projects in the central waterfront area, and the plan must support the completion of these projects.

Central Waterfront in the News

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