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Estuary Policy Plan

The publication of the League of Women Voters of Oakland's award winning report titled: The Waterfront: It Touches the World; How Does It Touch Oakland? provided the catalyst to help the City and Port jointly fund the study of the Oakland Estuary from Adeline Street to 66th Avenue and the shoreline to the freeway.   This study culminated in the development of the Estuary Policy Plan, which was adopted after a broad-based public process as part of the City of Oakland's General Plan in June of 1999.

The study area was divided between the two jurisdictions in 1926, when the city of Oakland voters passed a charter amendment to establish the Port of Oakland as an quasi-independent entity. The Port's jurisdiction was roughly from the water's edge to 2nd Street, with ins and outs along the way. When the two public agencies decided to work together on this planning effort, there was agreement that the line, for study purposes, would cease to exist.

"The basic premise of the plan and its preceding efforts is that the Estuary is a resource of citywide and regional significance. This area cannot be viewed as a single-purpose district isolated from the city, but rather as a diverse and multifaceted place that connects the city and the bay. Estuary Policy Plan, page v, 1999.

The full plan, including all maps and graphics, is available on the Port of Oakland's Commercial Real Estate Division website:

Full Plan (10mb , slow download, please be patient!)




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